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Please tell your senator how WE can end recession and obtain wealth for every U.S. Citizen!

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"A must-read by anyone interested in the future of this country."
- Donald J. Trump

"Steve Forbes makes the best, most compelling argument I've yet read that the U.S. should join the flat tax movement now sweeping much of New Europe. Anyone who claims to be a tax reformer needs to contend with the ideas in this timely, readable book."
- Paul Gigot, The Wall Street Journal

File your taxes on a postcard?

Guess again, says Steve Forbes, in his important new book Flat Tax Revolutionicon. In fact, countries around the world have freed their taxpayers to do just that - and we can too with a simple flat tax that will slash tax rates, spur economic growth, and put the IRS out of business.

In Flat Tax Revolutionicon you'll learn:

  • How a simple 17 percent flat tax will save you time, money, and worry
  • Why the Flat Tax will eliminate the IRS, its bureaucrats, its paperwork, its nightmares, and its hassles
  • Why the Flat Tax will create jobs, and bring back ones we've lost overseas
  • How other countries are already reaping the benefits of a flat tax system
  • How the flat tax will stop special interests getting tax breaks at your expense
  • How the flat tax will eliminate shady accounting in business (something that our current tax system encourages)
  • Why the Forbes Flat Tax is also a tax cut
  • What you can do to make the Flat Tax a reality

As Steve Forbes shows, the Flat Tax shouldn't be a partisan issue; it should be a taxpayer issue. And you can make it happen.

CLICK HEREicon to buy this book and join the crusade!

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