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NESARA Disinformation, an investigation of

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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 16:17:25 -0700
Subject: About your web site


I need to know that we are talking about the same thing
before I address any questions to you on your site.

You define NESARA as:  
"The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act"

Other sites define NESARA as:  
"National Economic Security and Reformation Act"

Please tell who is correct or if there are two different bills.

Thank you for your time.

Randolph Directo

From: Editor Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 13:42:50 - 0500 Subject: Re: About your web site "Hi Randolph, You might want to read the following: (off site)* We hope this helps. NESARA The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act A Practical Solution to America's Problems"
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 13:12:10 -0700 I recently received a reply from the editor of The links provided go to articles that speak of a bill that has yet to be introduced, make constant reference to the Thomas Locater registry, and SERIOUSLY deride the people who push the "rumored" NESARA bill. They make "Dove of Oneness" look really bad. These articles have all the savvy and hyperbole of a used car salesman/politician hybrid that could pretty much convince anyone with a weaker constitution of their version of NESARA. I did discover something very interesting: When I do a WHOIS look up for I constantly get the message: "Connecting to the whois server failed. Please wait several minutes and try again" But I am able to get WHOIS information for all other URLs right away. What's up with that? The ability to spoof the WHOIS server in this manner is VERY SERIOUS. What can be done about this - especially when others have been convinced of the alternate "truth" provided by Respectfully, Randolph Directo (P.S. At the moment of this writing I am still unable to get WHOIS information for
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 13:51:33 -0700 *I found the WHOIS information for First American Global Advisors LLC 18400 Von Karman Ave., Suite, 500 Irvine, CA 92612 US Domain Name: QUATLOOS.COM Administrative Contact: Jay Adkisson jay_adkisson@EMAIL.MSN.COM First American Legal Corporations 18400 Von Karman Ave., Suite 500 Irvine, CA 92612 US Phone: 949-756-8101 Fax: 949-756-8644 Technical Contact: Administration FastDns Network mailroom@FASTDNS.NET FastDns Network 3080 Ogden rd lisle, IL 60532 US Phone: 630-357-8545 Fax: 630-357-8545 Record updated on 2003-04-01 06:24:35 Record created on 1999-04-08 Record expires on 2004-04-08 Database last updated on 2003-08-09 15:57:23 EST Domain servers in listed order: NS.HOST4U.NET NS2.HOST4U.NET I also did a search on the web and discovered the following listings: Global Prosperity Marketing Group Law adherents get their driver's licenses. Global Prosperity Group & Investors International (First American Global Advisors) Why GPG is in Deep Stuff (Scams & Cons board) home mlm telecom links travel (contains a link to the GPG site which directly links to Scams Global Prosperity Group operates ... II says that Global Prosperity "was a group of people ... Global Prosperity Group & Investors ... First American Global Advisors ... Deep Stuff (Scams & Cons board ... Scams Global Prosperity Group Dissected discusses the motivation behind Jay Adkisson of "First American Global Advisors" and the creative at his URLs. wherein "" AKA "First American Global Advisors" is involved in all kinds of white collar criminal activity. "First American Global Advisors" are known con artists, but they are probably only a front for which is... what? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Randolph Directo (p.s. I am still unable to obtain whois information for The same is true for Anyone else want to try?)

Please read the addendum - August 24, 2003.

August 27, 2003
Just tried the WHOIS info for today and I got:

   The HESARA Institute
   7635 Jefferson Hwy. No. 354
   Baton Rouge, LA 70809
   Domain name: NESARA.ORG
   Administrative Contact:
   Gerbrecht, Dionese
   7635 Jefferson Hwy. No. 354
   Baton Rouge, LA 70809

I get the same info for At the moment I have no info on the "HESARA Institute" or "Dionese Gerbrecht." This may be an elaborate front - please check.

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